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TelcoBroker are the Telecommunications experts, we can recommend the best solutions for your budget.

We also routinely save our clients 30-40% of their Phone, Mobile and Internet Bills, through smart sourcing strategies and our relationships with key suppliers in the Telecommunications market.

    Why Engage A Telecommunications Consultant or Broker?
    TelcoBroker is a privately owned Australian technology business, specialising in Telecommunications Consulting and the Delivery of Telco and Communications related services.

    We work with organisations of all sizes to review Telecommunications Bills and Services, as a vendor agnostic and independent third party, recommending solutions to improve service quality, reliability and to cut costs.

    We assist our clients with selecting new Telecommunications services and vendors, or the negotiation process with your incumbent supplier. We can assist you with procuring hardware, installation, commissioning, ongoing audits and Telecommunications Expense Management.

    Our Services

    Telecommunications Brokerage

    Telco Broker can work with you to select a new Telco Provider or negotiate with your incumbent. We routinely save our clients between 20-40% off their Telecommunications Bills.

    Telecommunications Consulting

    Telco Broker can provide impartial and independent third party consulting services and advice. We can help with technology decisions, billing, audits, expense management and cost reduction strategies.

    Telecommunications Management

    Telco Broker can assist you with the every day management of your Telecommunications, from liaising with your vendors, adding or deleting services, tracking expenses, managing warranty claims and reviewing bills.

    Technologies we Support Include:

    • Telephony and Fixed Voice, including VoIP, SIP, Hosted Phone Systems, On premise PABX’s,
    • Mobiles and Mobile Broadband
    • Data Connections including, NBN, 4G Wireless, Point to Point Wireless, Satelite services.
    • Audio, Video and Web Conferencing.
    • Contact Centre and Help Desk Solutions.
    • We also provide IT Consulting and Managed Services

    Leaders in the Telecommunications Industry

    TelcoBroker have agreements in place with a broad and diverse range of Telecommunications Suppliers across Australia and New Zealand.

    We provide Telecommunications Consulting and Brokerage Services to small businesses, through to Corporates and Large Multinational enterprises.



    Average Savings

    If you want to save money on your Telecommunications and Conferencing, or you need help making a decision regarding your Communications strategy, the team at TelcoBroker can recommend a range of solutions. Call now to book a consultation.
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