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Telco Broker offer one of the best and most flexible ‘Referral Partner’ programs in Australia for telecommunications and internet services.

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How Can Telco Broker’s Referral Partner Program Help Me?

Telco Broker offer one of the best and most flexible referral programs in Australia for telecommunications and internet services.

Telco Broker have been operating since 2012 and we are one of the leading telecommunications brokers in the country, we have strong relationships with over 40 leading telecommunications, internet and hardware vendors, allowing us to aggregate numerous telecommunications services for our clients and pay out referral commissions to our ‘Referral Partners’ on a broad range of services.

Telco Broker’s ‘Referral Partners’ can save a lot of time and headaches when it comes to the delivery of the telecommunications services for their clients, we manage all the bill and contract reviews, quotes, demos and vendor negotiations. We also assist our clients with their decision-making process, hardware quotes, deployment and commissioning, after sales support and service and membership is free.

Our partners and clients save a lot of time and money, get products and services that are in line with their expectations, because we are vendor agnostic there is no hard selling or pressure tactics, and our team is always available for the long term to help with any future technology related decisions.

What we sell?

  • Telephony and fixed voice services, including VoIP, SIP, hosted and on-premise phone systems and PABXs
  • Internet connections including NBN, Fibre, 4G/5G services, point to point wireless, dark fibre, and satellite
  • Audio, video, and web conferencing, and UCaaS
  • Contact centre and help desk solutions
  • Inbound services including 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers
  • Mobile and mobile broadband solutions
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Who Does Telco Broker Work With?

IT Companies and Managed Services Providers (MSPs) 

Telco Broker works very closely with IT businesses and MSPs, to provide end to end technology services for our mutual customers. In many instances, IT companies and MSPs aren’t interested in delivering telecommunications as a core service, but still have a responsibility to their client to make sure that services are working as they should.

We can work with you and your clients to deliver voice and data services according to the requirements you specify and work with you to complete migrations and ensure that deployment goes smoothly, our team can provide onsite support if required.

Many of our IT partners are reluctant to accept commissions, however, commissions and profit sharing are available on all the services we sell.

Accounting Firms and Financial Advisers 

Telco Broker can partner with accountants, financial planners, and advisers to drive cost savings for their clients. In many cases, telecommunications contracts that haven’t been reviewed in the past 2 – 3 years can have between 5 – 10% wastage in unused services, and anywhere between 10 – 30% in overspends due to not renegotiating contracts or outdated pricing.

Electricians, Data Cablers and CCTV Camera Installers 

We routinely work with electrical companies, cablers and security camera companies. Typically, when working with clients like this, who get called into fix problems onsite whether its internet connections, power or connectivity problems with phones, phone systems or cameras.

In the event that it is a telecommunications or internet related problem, and the solution is out of scope for them, Telco Broker can step in to identify solutions that are available at the site and are in line with the customers budget, saving all parties the legwork.

Facility Managers, Strata Managers, Body Corporates, Commercial Real Estate Managers, Developers and Builders 

We work with many companies in the commercial real estate sector, to assist them with facilitating telecommunications changes with tenants, new premises, relocations, new data links, voice services and rebilling.

Salespeople, Account Managers, BDMs 

We work closely with salespeople across the entire tech sector, to help them offer a broader range of complete solutions to their clients that they may not have available within the organisation they work for.

We have assisted sales professionals retain their clients by supplementing their offerings, which resulted in their customers not going elsewhere.

Telco Broker also regularly works with telecommunications companies and BDMs that may not have all data services available, maybe a client requires features in their phone system or contact centre that they can’t sell, or mobile or internet services, Telco Broker can go to market and provide you with a complete solution, rather than you having to tell clients you can’t help them.

What are the Benefits of Telco Broker’s Referral Partner Program? 

The Benefits of Telco Broker’s Referral Partner Program Include:

Commission on Every Sale

Telco Broker’s ‘Referral Partners’ earn a commission on every sale they refer to us. Both upfronts and trailing commissions are available based on the nature of the deal and the products and services sold.

Commissions also vary based on the amount of work the partner does, with resale and wholesale arrangements also available.

Increased Income and Revenue Streams

Many of Telco Broker’s ‘Referral Partners’ have generated increased income and significant revenue streams from leads that they were otherwise giving away for free.

Access to Technical Resources

All of Telco Broker’s ‘Referral Partners’ have access to our team of telecommunications experts in addition to our extended network of technicians, engineers, and consultants.

Opportunity to Expand Your Customer Base

Our ‘Referral Partners’ can expand their customer base by offering telecommunications services in addition to their existing products and services, without having to hire staff or provide additional training. As a Telco Broker ‘Referral partner’, we can assist you with all pre-sales, sales, and delivery.

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How do I Become a Telco Broker ‘Referral Partner’?

Becoming a Telco Broker ‘Referral Partner’ is easy and free.

  • Contact us to begin the onboarding process as a ‘Referral Partner’
  • There are no setup costs or minimum targets
  • Once you have made an introduction to one of your clients, this will be registered on our system and depending on which provider/s, services and hardware is selected, we will advise you on the potential commissions of that deal
  • Telco Broker will conduct a high-level bill review and get an understanding of what your client’s technology requirements are, then undertake the same best practice solutioning that we complete with our direct clients
  • We will provide your client with up to three quotes, with vendors that are aligned to their price and functionality requirements. We will conduct product demos where required and keep you informed of the progress.
  • Once the client selects a solution, the services are provisioned and commissioning is completed, you will be paid your commission once the client commences their billing cycle.

Telco Broker have helped hundreds of businesses throughout Australia with their telecommunications needs, across Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Hobart, and Darwin.

If you are interested in becoming a Telco Broker ‘Referral Partner’ and getting paid commissions whilst your clients are supported by industry leaders in the telecommunications space, call us on 1300 978 073 to register.

Our Valued Clients

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Telco Broker has helped hundreds of businesses throughout Australia with their Telecommunications Services across Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Hobart and Darwin. Give the team at Telco Broker a call on 1300 978 073. The initial consultation is free!