If you would like to know more about how SD-WAN technology could improve your business, the Telco Broker team have access to multiple SD-WAN providers and can present the best solutions for your business’s requirements.

Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is an excellent technology for managing your network simply and securely. SD-WAN provides a centralised dashboard allowing your internal technical team to monitor the network and traffic without complex virtualisation tools, giving you a broad picture of your network.

If your business uses multiple internet connections, different types of fibre connections and backup links across multiple locations, SD-WAN technology can help you monitor them all, aggregate internet connections at the same site to maximise bandwidth and prioritise certain applications over others to reduce bandwidth load across the network.

If you have an expensive MPLS network and want to cut costs, SD-WAN technology could allow you to purchase two lower cost links and aggregate the bandwidth.

If you have heard of SD-WAN technology and would like to know more, the Telco Broker team have access to multiple SD-WAN providers that leverage off different technologies and have different capabilities, we would be happy to step you through the options and present some solutions for your business’s requirements.

SD-WAN provides the following benefits:

  • Multi-site network management
  • Leverage multiple transport services (MPLS, LTE, NBN, Fibre)
  • Secure user connections to business applications
  • Provide improved application performance
  • Provide improved agility
  • Simplified WAN management

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