Telecommunications Contracts Management

Telco Broker can assist you with all your telecommunications contract management needs.

How is your business handling your telecommunications contract management?

Administering your telecommunications contract can be a hassle for your procurement department, ensuring that the contract terms are being met and that you are getting what you paid for, is time consuming and laborious. For most companies, maybe it’s not being done at all, if no-one has officially been delegated the responsibility, the contract could go unmanaged, meaning that your telco provider may not be providing you all the service you need or being held accountable for the terms of your contract.

Struggling to keep track of your telco contracts and services?

Telco Broker can assist you with telecommunications contract management, we will help ensure that the number of services you are paying for is correct, that SLAs are being met and that your service providers are held accountable for not only service quality but account management quality as well.

Poor management of your telecommunications contracts could be costing you between 10 – 20% of your monthly bill.

In some cases, poor management of your telecommunications contracts could be costing you between 10 – 20% of your monthly bill, in addition the distraction and disruption to your staff that are having to administer the vendors whilst doing their day job.

Telco Broker can assist you with:

  • Ongoing telecommunications contracts management
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with key vendors and suppliers at a senior level, ensuring service quality is maintained for your staff, and vendors are held accountable for contracted service levels ensuring that delivery levels are consistently achieved
  • Audits of your telecommunications hardware and services
  • Maintaining and improving customer satisfaction and conducting staff surveys to gauge your staff’s perception of service quality
  • Ensuring that contract commitments are maintained within budget and scope, and schedule commitments are met. Assisting with the procurement of new services and product rollouts, analysing your requirements and the proposals you have received from vendors, assisting with the negotiation process, commercials and mitigating risks, to ensure that the most favourable outcome is achieved for your business
  • During project and new service rollouts, provide direction and a point of contact for vendors and assist in the change management process required
  • Lead and manage key meetings with vendors and suppliers
  • Provide regular reports and correspondence to senior management and project teams
  • Lead all aspects of the contract and program

Telco Broker makes it possible to completely outsource the management of your telecommunications contracts, vendors, and services, saving you time, resources, and money!

Telco Broker can assist you with a range of telecommunications contract management related services, we can tailor our services and provide the right blend of resources and capabilities. Contact us for a free consultation.

Telco Broker has helped businesses all over Australia with their telecommunications issues, we can deliver contract management services across Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Tasmania, Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia, and Victoria.

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