Are you unhappy with your current hosted phone system provider?

The team at Telco Broker can provide you with up to 3 quotes on different hosted phone system services.

These may be services we manage, or services offered through one of our trusted partners, each option comes with its own features, benefits, and price points.

Best of all, Telco Broker’s brokerage service is completely free! 

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How Can Telco Broker Help?

Telco Broker understands that your hosted phone system acts as the backbone of your business’s communications. If you are unsatisfied with your current phone provider’s performance, service quality or experiencing issues with the vendor that is delivering your service, it can be more than just a minor inconvenience—it’s a significant impediment to your business’s growth and customer satisfaction.  If you’ve been contemplating switching phone providers but are daunted by the process or unsure of where to start, our telco brokerage service is here to streamline your transition and ensure you land the best deal.   

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Why Consider Our Telecommunications Brokerage Service? 

No cost to you

All of Telco Broker’s consultations and quotations are completely free. We are dedicated finding you the best hosted phone system solutions, for your business or organisation. 

Get multiple quotes

Telco Broker does all the hard work for you, providing you with multiple quotes so you can choose the right hosted phone solution for your organisation. Through our vast network of telco partners and providers, we’re able to offer up to three unique quotes. This not only gives you options but also the power to choose a phone provider that aligns best with your business needs and budget.  

Transparent pricing 

Our relationships have allowed us to partner with a host of phone providers who offer excellent value for money and favourable contract terms. We have access to telecommunications plans at various price points, with final pricing being contingent upon the specific features and functionalities your business needs.  

Whether you’re a small business looking for basic features or a large enterprise in need of advanced functionalities and telco services, our services and quotes can cater to every need and budget.  

We have numerous hosted phone system solutions that range from $10-$30, per user, per month.  

Telecommunications was ranked the worst industry for customer service, with 35% of consumers unhappy with their service, an increase of 40% from 2022.  

Benefits of Changing Phone System Providers Through our Brokerage Service 

Hassle-free transition :

With our industry insights and partnerships, Telco Broker can ensure that your switch is as seamless as possible, minimising any potential downtime or disruption.  

Tailored solutions :

We understand that every business is unique. Our approach is not one-size-fits-all. We take the time to understand your requirements and source providers who can cater precisely to your individual needs.  

Ongoing support :

Our commitment to you doesn’t end with a successful switch. We are available for the long term, ensuring that you continue to receive the best service and can assist you in addressing any concerns that may arise in the future.  

We can complete regular reviews of your telco services to ensure that the quality of service and the price you are paying is always market competitive. We are also able to complete reviews on mobiles, internet, contact centres, inbound/virtual numbers and a host of other services.  

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Our Valued Clients

If you’re unhappy with your current hosted phone system provider, contact us for a free quote, and let Telco Broker help you discover the best options tailored for your business. 

Don’t pay more than you should for a service that isn’t providing what you need. Telco Broker’s expert consultants can save you time and money and present a number of more suitable options for your business’s needs. 

Telco Broker has helped hundreds of businesses throughout Australia with their phonesystems, internet and mobile services across Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Hobart and Darwin. Give the team at Telco Broker a call on 1300 978 073. The initial consultation is free!