Civil Engineering and Construction Companies

Telecomunications Case Study

Civil Engineering and Construction Companies



A civil engineering and construction company was facing challenges with their on-premise Panasonic phone system, which was outdated and not functioning correctly. Calls were being diverted to the director’s mobile phone, causing missed calls and inconvenience for staff working remotely. The company also required an upgrade to their internet router and switch, and their accountant strongly advised that any new solutions should not increase costs. Additionally, the company was receiving poor support from their current telco providers, and their external IT manager suggested they look for a better supplier.


Challenges and Requirements:
The civil engineering and construction company needed a new telco provider that could modernise their services and provide cost-effective solutions while improving their support and reducing downtime during implementation. They also required a solution that could support remote work and improve their internet speed, backup and WiFi experience.


Solution and Outcome:
To address the challenges faced by the civil engineering and construction company, they engaged the services of a Telco Broker to discuss options in the market. The broker identified potential products and services that would suit the business and recommended an internet service provider and a cloud-based phone system that would meet their requirements.


The new solution increased the internet speed and improved the WiFi experience, ensuring that staff could work and operate from home with ease. The cloud-based phone system provided a cost-effective solution that allowed staff to work remotely while reducing monthly telco billing costs. The chosen providers also offered improved support, including remote and onsite availability, 24/7 support, and self-management and web admin tools. Training and implementation were completed onsite, resulting in a smooth change process with minimal disruption to the team.


The civil engineering and construction company was extremely satisfied with the new solution, which provided a cost-effective and modern telco service that met their requirements. The company recommends that other businesses facing similar challenges engage a Telco Broker to identify suitable products and services in the market. The use of a Telco Broker ensures that businesses can find the right solution to meet their requirements, reduce costs, and improve their support, all while minimising downtime and disruption during the implementation process.

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