Conveyancing Firm

Telecomunications Case Study

Conveyancing Firm

A conveyancing firm approached CircleBC to conduct a telecommunications review and recommend a more cost-effective solution to reduce their expenses and improve their overall telecommunication services.


– Billing issues with incumbent vendor
– Unnecessary services being charged
– Wanted to move to NBN and discuss phone system options
– Reduce costs and move to a more reliable vendor


CircleBC reviewed the firm’s current telecommunications setup and identified opportunities to reduce costs, increase reliability and enhance services. The following recommendations were proposed:
1. Engage CircleBC to manage the change to a better solution and different vendor.
2. Deploy NBN in parallel to ADSL.
3. Churn 1800 and fixed line services to a new vendor with better rates.
4. Prepare the phone system to be replaced with a fully hosted solution.
5. Deploy better routers that could be used as a part of a managed IT service in the future.
6. Generate 20% savings on all fixed and data costs while improving internet speeds.
7. Assist with migration and changeover between providers.


The proposed solution was successfully implemented, and the firm experienced significant improvements in their telecommunication services. The new solution provided reliable internet services, reduced unnecessary services, and improved data speeds. Additionally, CircleBC’s recommendations allowed the firm to reduce overall telecommunication costs by 20%.
Overall, the firm was pleased with CircleBC’s services and expertise, and they continue to rely on CircleBC to manage their telecommunications services.

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