Non-For-Profit Organisation

Telecomunications Case Study

Non-For-Profit Organisation

A non-profit organization was facing multiple problems with their existing communication system. They were experiencing poor support from their current provider, high bills, and an outdated phone system. The non-profit organisation wanted a solution that would improve their communication system and help them save costs.


Challenges and Requirements:
The non-profit organisation was experiencing issues with their call logic and management. They wanted a solution that would improve their IVR and welcome messages, and enable all handsets to work again. Additionally, the non-profit organisation was looking for a solution that would help them save costs and enable their employees to work remotely.


Solution and Outcome:
To address the challenges faced by the non-profit organization, a new PBX solution was deployed via a global leading company. The new solution enabled the non-profit organization to save $300 per month, from $650pm to $350 pm, resulting in an annual saving of over $3000, approximately 45%. The new solution also improved the welcome messages, IVR, and enabled all handsets to work again.


The PBX solution also provided additional benefits to the non-profit organization. The solution enabled users to have access to mobile apps and take their desk phones home, making it easier for employees to work remotely. This feature was particularly useful during the COVID-19 pandemic, enabling employees to work from home seamlessly.


The non-profit organisation was extremely satisfied with the new PBX solution and the savings it provided. The organization recommends that other non-profit organizations experiencing similar issues with their communication systems consider deploying a new PBX solution. The new solution not only saved the organization money but also improved their communication system, making it more efficient and effective. The solution also enabled the organization to adapt to the changing work environment, making it easier for employees to work remotely.

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