Retail and Entertainment

Telecomunications Case Study

Retail and Entertainment

This case study covers the challenges and requirements faced by a retail and entertainment company with 80 sites across Australia. The company’s head office is located in Sydney. The company was using MPLS for network connectivity but wanted to move away from it due to its high cost and lack of need. The company was also looking for faster speeds, better support, and reduced costs. The company approached a network solutions provider to help them address their challenges and requirements.


Problems and Requirements:
The company had several challenges that needed to be addressed. Firstly, the cost of using MPLS was high, and there was no further need for it. Secondly, the company needed faster speeds and better support. Thirdly, the company wanted to reduce costs while ensuring a smooth change process. The company also wanted to connect to Azure using SD-WAN and change the hardware for firewalls.


Solution, Outcomes, and Recommendations:
After a thorough analysis of the company’s requirements and challenges, the network solutions provider recommended a solution for multi-site fibre/NBN management. The provider suggested faster Fibre and NBN connections for less cost, with the best solution and pricing across multiple carriers. The provider also managed minimum change and disruption to the business while deploying redundancy and failover options as needed. The results of the network upgrade and migration to SD-WAN were significant savings from moving away from MPLS, better support and options for all internet links, and increased redundancy and failover options.


The retail and entertainment company’s migration to SD-WAN with a multi-site fibre/NBN management solution provided faster and more cost-effective connectivity. The company enjoyed better support and increased redundancy and failover options, while reducing costs.

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