Travel Agency

Telecomunications Case Study

Travel Agency

Problems and Requirements (Current Situation)
A travel agency moved to a new office, but their NBN installation was delayed, leaving them without any data services. As a result, the company faced trouble with emails and had to set up their new office network and PCs.


Suggestions, Recommendations and Solutions
To solve the problem, the company deployed an interim mobile data solution using a 3G dongle connected to the router, which allowed them to access the internet until the NBN was installed. The team also assisted with the proper deployment of the phone system and helped with setting up the office network and PCs.
Additionally, the team deployed solutions for better data and secure storage of customer information. This helped the travel agency ensure that customer information is kept confidential and secure.


To further improve their business, the team also deployed a new website for lead generation purposes. This allowed the travel agency to generate more leads and improve their customer base.


Finally, the team solved the email issues that the company was facing. Due to the new internet connection, the travel agency was unable to send mail. The team worked on resolving the issue and ensured that the company was able to send and receive emails without any further problems.

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