The Power of a Cloud-Based Contact Centre (CCaaS)

With the evolution of cloud technology, businesses now have access to feature-rich, cloud-based contact centres, designed to elevate these experiences, improve sales, and unearth critical insights. 

Cloud based contact centres are often referred to as Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) 

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Simple to deploy and cost-effective contact centre Solution for the Modern Business 

A good way to understand modern contact centre solution is by referring to it as an enhanced, feature rich cloud-based phone system. 

Cloud-based Contact Centre solution offers a sophisticated, yet user-friendly experience. It’s design caters for easy deployment, straightforward, real-time updates, and effortless maintenance. You can customise call flows with a visual dial plan editor, tailor queues to your needs, manage agents, conduct analytics and reports and manage multiple communication channels (omnichannel), all from one unified administrative platform. 


Crafted for SMBs (Small and Medium Business) 

Many small businesses deploy contact centre solutions, since they are no longer cost prohibitive or technically challenging. 

Frost & Sullivan’s study indicates SMBs can cut IT costs by 25% using cloud-based contact centres. Gartner reports that 60% of Australian SMBs aim to invest in such solutions within two years, and according to SMB Nation, 85% of adopters have seen substantial boosts in customer satisfaction. 


Harnessing Data for Action (Reporting, Analytics and Insights) 

With customisable dashboards and comprehensive reporting options, businesses can now gain real-time insights into agent performance, missed calls, recorded calls, call statistics, queue sizes and other vital metrics, with easy to read dashboards, reports and visual representations, driving further insight to customer/staff interaction, helping the business make informed decisions around their operational processes. 


Meeting Rising Customer Expectations (CX – Customer Experience) 

Customers today demand more and are getting used to effortless communications with their service providers. Equip your teams (agents and managers) with the power to offer queue call-backs, adeptly route calls to the right personnel, and effortlessly toggle between voice, video, chat, SMS, and social media channels, accommodating to an ever evolving and expanding consumer preference in communications and overall customer experience. (ie. Some customers want to use chat only, while others will enjoy a good old phone conversation) 


Empower Remote Work (working from home or multiple locations, locally and globally) 

Working from home, serviced offices and using offshore staffing, has become common practice in the Australian business workspace. Many businesses are seeing the benefits and the need to offer staff the opportunity to operate from anywhere, not just the main business premises. We can assist you in choosing the right platform for your operation and business needs. With internet access, we can enable staff members to connect wherever they are in the world and with whatever device preferences they may have. 


Key Features of CCaaS: 

According to a recent survey of Australian businesses, 85% of respondents believe that the key features of cloud-based contact centers have significantly improved their customer service experience. 

For IT Admins: 

– Visual dial plan editor for easy call flow configurations. 

– CRM integrations to provide updated customer insights. 

– Assign permissions based on roles, streamlining access to data and tools. 

– A multi-channel setup to cater to varied customer communication preferences. 

For Supervisors: 

– Real-time and historical analytics for actionable insights. 

– Intelligent call routing for improved first-call resolutions. 

– Queue callback setups to minimise hold times. 

– Coaching tools to enhance customer interactions. 

For Staff: 

– Omni-channel information for a unified view of customer interactions. 

– Pre-saved texts and voicemails to optimise productivity. 

– Outbound dialer to accelerate sales calls. 

– Co-browsing for a transparent, collaborative customer experience. 


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