5G mobile Network launched in Australia

5G or Fifth Generation, is the next-generation of mobile data technology and is the next stage of mobile networks after 4G. 5G will deliver fast data speeds, more reliable connections, and increased ‘inter-connectedness’.

There is a lot of hype around 5G services, some going as far as saying that it will be a game changer for mobile and internet technology. If you are wondering when the 5G network will be available, that is a good question

Telstra launched 5G in some areas in May 2019, Optus launched 5G in some areas in Nov 2019, it is suggested that Vodafone will rollout 5G at some point in 2020. Each vendor will have their own rollout schedule and all aim to expand their 5G networks to cover more of the Australian population over time.

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We have summarised some of the main features and benefits of the new 5G network:


Top Benefits on what 5G promises:

  • Faster speeds than 4G, 3G and 2G networks. Estimated theoretical speeds are between 4 and 20 gigabits per second, approximately 20x to 50x faster than 4G LTE, and approximately 10x the bandwidth
  • More devices can be connected at the same time in the same coverage area
  • More responsive, lower latency

How will you benefit at home?

Once available for residential users, you should experience:

  • Greater speeds than previous mobile network speeds
  • Likely to have greater speeds than ADSL, NBN or Cable Connections, however, it is unlikely to entirely replace other broadband plans due to limitations for some sites.
  • In time will likely cost similar to your current home internet connection
  • No need for cables, cabling or installation. Will be as simple as having a 5G router in your home.

How will a business premise benefit?

  • Fast and relatively cost effective internet connection in comparison to fibre and cable connections
  • Scalable, Easy and fast to deploy
  • Easy to relocate within premises and to other 5G enabled sites
  • Improved remote and cloud-based services connectivity
  • Higher speeds and bandwidth could improve VoIP Calls and Video Calls quality
  • Connect a large number of SIMs in a small area (high density SIM deployment)
  • Network redundancy across multiple mobile networks
  • Could act as a great back up or fail over internet connection

Other Considerations

  • You will need 5G enabled devices to connect to the network
  • Most existing devices including smartphones, tablets, dongles etc can’t support 5G and will need to be upgraded to modern hardware. 5G enabled smartphones will be offered with mobile phone contracts.
  • 5G enabled broadband routers are not readily available yet
  • The entire 5G network hasn’t been rolled out yet, meaning some people will have to wait for the spectrum to be rolled out.
  • Telecommunications providers will likely roll out mobile plan upgrade pricing to access the 5G network.

With the rollout of the 5G Data Network, Australian consumers are going to have more choice when it comes to their home and business internet services, faster speeds and better bandwidth. As the rollout continues if your business is in need of an independent third-party consultant to assist you with checking what 5G options are available with you and support you with obtaining pricing and deployment, Telco Broker can help.

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