8 Reasons to Consider Using Dark Fiber in Australia

Fiber optic cables have been installed in many Australian cities either on poles or more commonly buried underground or laid in underground ducts. Due to the difficulty of access and cost of laying cable, more cables than are necessary are deployed. This is done for future proofing purposes, extra cables are left installed and unlit, to be used for future demand. These unlit cables are known as dark fiber.
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In this article we describe some of the key reasons Dark Fiber may be useful for larger Australian enterprises and public sector organisations.


1. Increased control

Dark Fibre provides Network managers complete freedom and control over their connection settings, equipment, and network. Administrators can dictate the security protocols, transmission technology and other network features tailored for the organisation’s requirements. The Dark Fiber network is not shared by anyone else and not managed by ISPs, so to a large extent it becomes your private network with full freedom and control on how it is used and managed.


2. Scalable network

Since there are no limitations on bandwidth, very fast data transfer speeds with minimum latency can be achieved. Investing in the right type of equipment at each end of the connection points will contribute to the overall performance for the link.

Bandwidth can be increased, decreased or allocated towards a particular application or service.


3. Manage your costs

Since you have complete control over the link and the equipment you use, you are not reliant on the external service providers lead times, conditions and pricing structures.


4. Reliability

Dark Fiber offers high performance and excellent reliability. Since there is a point to point connection, you can avoid third party outages such as damage to power infrastructure or physical cabling.

Furthermore, since you are bypassing carriers’ network routing and switching, reliability of the link is increased.


5. Security

Having your own link means it is not shared by others and does not overlap with the public internet. For further data transfer security, you can apply your own protocols for encryption and data transfer methods.


6. Transferring Large amounts of data

Depending on distance and the use of single or multi-mode cables, bandwidths well over 1Gbps can be achieved. This is typically useful for data back-ups, cloud-based storage and other data intensive applications.


7. Availability

Most large cities across Australia have access to dark fiber, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Darwin, Adelaide and Perth.

Dark Fiber links are typically used to connect two sites or locations, or a direct connection to data centres.

In most cases large enterprises are positioned in locations where fibre services are available, ie. CBDs, and major business hubs. However, due to the limited physical capacity available in underground conduits, ducts and pits, in many cases it is not possible to run more fibre and we only have access to what is currently available.


8. User Experience

Once the fast internet and inter site links are installed, the end users benefit from a fast and reliable connection, minimising frustration and increasing overall operational satisfaction and productivity.

If you have canvased all the other traditional internet solutions and none of them meet your needs, Dark Fiber could be the answer. If you are considering deploying a Dark Fiber link and are in need of an independent third party consultant to scope the requirements and to assist with obtaining proposals, our team can help, give us a call on 1300 978 073 for an obligation free initial consultation.

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