Engineering and Testing Company

Telecomunications Case Study

Engineering and Testing Company

Current Situation:
An engineering and testing company with three sites in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne was facing issues with their current telco provider. They had 40 staff members and 32 mobiles, along with an old NEC phone system. They were looking for a more cost-effective vendor with good local support and wanted to upgrade their slow internet connection. Additionally, they didn’t have unlimited data and wanted it. They needed a provider that could reach some country towns, and they would like better pricing on mobiles. The company was also experiencing frequent failures with iPhone 4 speakers, which needed replacement frequently.


The engineering and testing company was looking for a more cost-effective vendor who could provide them with better support. They were experiencing slow internet speeds and didn’t have unlimited data. They needed a provider that could reach some country towns, and they wanted better pricing on mobiles. Additionally, the frequent failures of iPhone 4 speakers were causing problems.
Suggestions, Recommendations, and Solutions:


The following solutions were proposed to the engineering and testing company:
A more competitive solution was offered to the company, which included better pricing and the technology fund to procure android handsets. Assistance was provided with negotiation of some services with their incumbent, including the negotiation of tech funds.
Fixed Lines:
An alternative provider was suggested who delivered 50% savings on fixed lines.
ADSL was offered for three sites, and an MPLS network with 10Mb/10MB links was suggested for all three sites. This created a strong data foundation for future cloud services. Better bandwidth and data speeds put them in a position to change their old NEC system to a new hosted PBX service and new handsets with more features.
Overall, the suggested solutions helped the engineering and testing company to overcome their telco-related issues. The cost-effective solutions with better support helped them to achieve their goals, including faster internet speeds, unlimited data, and better pricing on mobiles. The new hosted PBX service and handsets with more features also improved the company’s communication capabilities.

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