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A company with 180 staff and 60 phone system users had an old on-premise phone system with limited features. They needed more contact center functionality and the ability to work from home, overseas, and mobile apps. The company also needed reports and analysis on calls, direct extensions for some users, and a hardware refresh.

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Problems and Requirements

The company was facing several challenges related to their phone system, including:

  1. Limited features: The on-premise phone system had limited features, which made it difficult to manage calls and provide good customer service.
  2. On-premise recordings and no integration: The recordings were stored on-premise and there was no integration with other systems, which made it difficult to track customer interactions.
  3. Need for more contact center functionality: The company needed more advanced contact centre functionality to handle customer queries and complaints.
  4. Need for hardware refresh: The company’s hardware was outdated and needed to be refreshed.
  5. Need to work from home, overseas, and mobile apps: The company needed the ability to work from home, overseas, and mobile apps to be more flexible and to improve productivity.
  6. Need for reports and analysis on calls: The company needed reports and analysis on calls to track performance and identify areas for improvement.
  7. Need for direct extensions for some users: Some users needed direct extensions for their work.

Solution, Outcomes, and Recommendations

To address these challenges, the company engaged a telecommunications solutions provider to explore the available options and to help them choose the best solution. The provider introduced the company to three top global leading hosted PBX providers, which could all meet their requirements. After careful consideration, the company chose a provider based on price, support, and ease of use. The following solutions were implemented:

  1. Deployment of handsets and headsets: The provider deployed all the necessary handsets and headsets to the company’s employees.
  2. Training: The provider provided training to all employees to ensure they could use the new phone system effectively.
  3. Managed change process: The provider managed the change process to ensure a smooth transition with no downtime.
  4. Saving 20% on total cost of ownership: The company saved 20% on the total cost of ownership by moving to a hosted PBX solution.
  5. Introduction of valuable features: The new phone system had many valuable features, such as call recording, integration with other systems, and more advanced contact center functionality.
  6. Prepared for growth, flexibility, and scalability: The new phone system was prepared for growth, flexibility, and scalability, which means the company can easily add new employees or locations in the future.

The outcomes of these solutions were significant. The company was able to upgrade their phone system to a more advanced solution, which improved their customer service and made them more productive. They also saved money and were better prepared for future growth. The company could now work from home, overseas, and mobile apps, and had direct extensions for some users. They could also track their performance through reports and analysis on calls.

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Based on the outcomes of this project, we recommend that the company continue to work with their telecommunications solutions provider to monitor and optimise their phone system. The company should also regularly review their requirements and explore new technologies to ensure they remain competitive and provide excellent customer service. Finally, the company should invest in training and development to ensure their employees can use the new phone system effectively.

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