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Telecomunications Case Study

Hotel and Tourism


An ASX listed hotel and tourism company with 19 hotels under management and growing. They were experiencing poor support from external telecommunications (telco) and IT partners, poor visibility on current services and spends, and a number of unnecessary services that they were paying for. The company also had outdated technology, had not negotiated pricing in a long time, and had a number of providers that needed to be consolidated. As the company continues to grow, they need a one-stop-shop to manage their phone system, internet services and their WIFI network, they also wanted a single company to manage future technology projects.

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Problems and Requirements

The hotel and tourism company was facing several problems related to their telecommunications and IT services, including:

  1. Poor support from external telco and IT partners:
    The company was struggling to get the support they needed from their external partners, leading to delays and frustrations.
  2. Poor visibility on current services and spends:
    The company lacked clarity on the services they were currently using and how much they were spending on each service.
  3. Number of unnecessary services:
    The company had several services they were paying for that they didn’t need or didn’t know about, leading to wasted money.
  4. Outdated technology and pricing:
    The company’s technology in relation to their phone system, internet and wifi network was outdated and not working properly,  frequent complaints from hotel guests about the lack of wifi and slow speeds. Considering how poor their technology was, their pricing was also outdated and were being overcharged based on market rates.
  5. Number of providers needing consolidation:
    The company had multiple providers for their telco and IT services, leading to a lack of consistency and added complexity.
  6. Need for a one-stop-shop to manage future projects:
    The company needed a streamlined solution to manage their telecommunications and IT services for future projects.

Solution, Outcomes, and Recommendations

To address these challenges, the hotel and tourism company engaged Telco Broker to complete a review on their Telecommunications and IT solutions, complete a review of all their Telecommunications services and identify several areas for improvement. Upon completion of our review, we implemented the following solutions:

  1. Telecommunications review:
    Telco Broker conducted an initial high level telecommunications review in consultation with management and operations, to identify areas for improvement where the technology was not performing as required, whilst costs savings were not the main driver of this review we identified a number of opportunities to save money. The goal was to replace an old ISDN based on premise phone system that did not work well, the phone system did not have any support and was mostly useless for both staff and guests.
  2. Elimination of unnecessary services:
    Telco Broker conducted a thorough bill review and audit, we identified a number of services that were no longer being used and were excluded from our quotes. Approximately 8-10% of their current spend was eliminated, which resulted in initial significant savings.
  3. Introduction of best solutions and providers:
    Telco Broker completed a technology review, we identified the best NBN and fibre internet connections available at each site, along with 4G Failover for redundancy purposes. We suggested 3 phone system solutions which enabled staff to be able to receive calls whilst in the office and when moving around the hotel, we also designed up a Wifi network, with corporate and guest access, which took into consideration each of installation as there were access issues. We presented a number of options and providers for the company’s phone system, internet access, wifi management, and mobility, leading to improved efficiencies and lower costs.

    Phone System Upgrade
    We installed a feature rich, cloud based phone system, that is easy to administer and support, and offers scalability, simplicity, and complex call logic to improve overall customer and staff experience, the phone system was setup based on hotel requirements.
    Besides office handsets, we also replaced all old analogue handsets in the rooms (many not working) with new handsets which now run via an ethernet connections, on a very fast internet connection, and have easy web admin platforms to monitor handset status, calls reports, call management, analytics etc.

    Customer is now enjoying the benefits of a cost effective, highly available, well supported, quality communications system, for their internal and external calls and communications.

    Internet and WiFi Upgrade

    Some of the hotels were using old, expensive, unsupported, slow and unstable fixed point wireless connections, the connectivity was slow in the office for their day to day operations, cloud based software, booking and payment systems, and also offered no Wi-Fi access to the guests or very limited, slow and unusable for some rooms, we deployed a fast, reliable and stable 1000/1000 MB dedicated fibre connection with 1:1 contention ratio with very high uptime (over 99.9%), this was coupled with a fast 5G sim with unlimited usage as a mobile network back up (should the fibre connection ever have any issues or downtime), giving the customer and guests almost 100% internet access availability.
    to improve the wifi experience, we installed an adequate number of access points across a number of rooms and common areas, producing a high performing wifi network, high speed internet access, increased wifi coverage and convenience for all the guest and staff of the hotel.
  4. Improved clarity and visibility on services and pricing:
    The company now has a better understanding of their current services, how much they are spending on each service and simplified billing.
  5. Consolidation of providers:
    Telco Broker helped the company consolidate their Telco and IT providers from 4 vendors down to 2. Leading to increased consistency, simplified management and better support.
  6. One-stop-shop support:
    The provider provided a simple and effective one-stop-shop to manage future telecommunications and IT projects.


The outcomes of these solutions were significant. The company was able to save money by eliminating unnecessary services and using more efficient solutions and providers, there was approximately a 20% saving off their current bill, whilst improving speeds, quality and support. Our consultative approach, enabled the company to have a better understanding of their services and spends, which helped them make more informed decisions about their telecommunications and IT needs, especially when it comes to rolling out services for new sites. With a streamlined solution in place, the company was well-positioned for growth and acquiring new hotels.
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Based on the outcomes of this project, we recommended that the hotel and tourism company continue to work with Telco Broker to monitor and optimise their Telecommunications and IT solutions over time. As technology changes over time and other vendors roll out internet services around their hotels, we will do regular reviews to ensure they are getting the best ROI on their technology spend.


Customer Feedback

Rather then receiving negative feedback from staff and guests regarding their connectivity and internet access availability, which hurt the hotels reputation, operations and ultimately profitability, guests can now all enjoy a super fast and highly available WIFI network environment and easy to use office and guest room phone system.

After these technical improvements have been deployed, guests now tend to leave positive online reviews regarding their WIFI experience. Also, staff and management need to worry much less regarding the technology required to run their hotel operations.


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