Hassle-Free Mobile Provider Switch: Escape the Frustrations of Dealing with Major Carriers in Australia

Not Happy With Your Current Mobile Service Provider?

Telco Broker can provide your business with Mobile on the Telstra and Optus Networks, at Wholesale rates, at a fraction of the cost of plan you are currently on, you can mix and match mobiles from both carriers on the one bill, with shared data between plans on the same network, month to month contracts and an account manager in Australia who will assist you with adds moves and changes. Sounds too good to be true?

Well it isn’t, give us a call on 1300 978 073 and speak with one of our Australian staff about how you can leverage off these market leading plans.

Mobile phones and the cellular mobile network are still critical pieces of infrastructure when it comes to businesses communicating effectively. Despite the rapid improvements of Phone Systems, Collaboration Tools and other cloud based video conferencing, nothing beats your trusty Mobile Phone for convenience. 


Considering the important of mobiles, many businesses in Australia find working directly with the big three mobile carriers frustrating. They face strict contracts, lack of billing visibility, poor customer service, and network problems that slow them down. Companies need mobile providers that are flexible and offer better, personalised services and not create unnecessary stress for businesses. 


Our customers report the following frustrations when interacting with the large mobile providers:

  • Lengthy on-hold wait times, 
  • Limited billing options, and, 
  • Poor customer service,
  • Inability to speak with accounts, 
  • Difficulty engaging technical support, 
  • High and unclear pricing structures

These frustrations have left many businesses craving for a better and simpler alternative. 

Want to switch to a better, more convenient mobile provider?

  • Telco Broker enables you to switch to a new mobile provider whilst staying on the Optus and Telstra networks,

  • We have data only mobile sims starting from $15/month.

  • Voice and Data Sims from $20/month,

  • We offer shared/pooled data between carriers
  • You can mix and match sims between the Optus and Telstra networks all on the same bill
  • All mobile hardware is BYO, with Technology Funds available on request.

1. Better Pricing

Businesses have long struggled with the high pricing imposed by major mobile carriers.  Telco Broker offer Mobile SIM cards still operating on the Optus and Telstra networks that offer flexible and competitive pricing plans that ensure significant savings without compromising network coverage or service quality. 


Business woman on mobile phone

2. Flexible billing options 

Limited billing options have been a persistent frustration for businesses dealing with major carriers. Thankfully, by switching to Telco Broker, businesses can escape the constraints of rigid billing structures 

We provide you the ability to easily manage multiple accounts and departments, and give you better visibility of your services and costs. We can customise billing names, entities, differentiate between personal and business accounts and provide you with reporting so you can keep track of costs. 

Our Mobile Plans Offer :

  • Customisable plans, combine mobile services using different mobile networks under one account(ie. 70 SIMs on Telstra network and 30 SIMs on Optus network, all in 1 account) 
  • emailed digital (soft copy) bills, instead of hard copy posted bills, 
  • online billing portals, (view historic bills and make adjustments to your payment preferences, updating credit cards details etc) 
  • rename and update company and contact details with easy simplified and clear charging structures 
  • consolidated billing statements (multiple service types on 1 bill if required) 
  • other bespoke billing requirements 
  • Technology Fund Account for technology purchases 

Telco Broker ensure that businesses have the freedom to choose billing arrangements that suit their specific needs. This flexibility simplifies expense management and allows businesses to allocate resources efficiently.  

  • Superior customer support, and the 
  • Freedom of month-to-month SIM cards. 
  • Voice and Data SIMs 

3. Superior Customer Support: Putting Businesses First

Poor customer service experiences have left businesses feeling undervalued and frustrated. When switching to Telco Broker, businesses can expect a refreshing change with a focus on superior customer support.  

Putting businesses first, offering responsive and knowledgeable support teams. Whether it’s resolving technical issues, assisting with account management, or providing guidance throughout the transition process, we are committed to delivering exceptional customer support experiences. Businesses can rest assured that their needs will be addressed promptly and effectively. 

4. Freedom with Month-to-Month SIM Cards: No Contracts, No Hassles

Long-term contracts have been a significant pain point for businesses. They restrict flexibility and can tie businesses to unfavourable agreements. However, by embracing the option of month-to-month SIM cards, businesses gain the freedom to adapt their mobile services according to their evolving needs. This flexibility allows businesses to scale their plans, adjust usage, or even switch providers without being locked into lengthy contracts. Month-to-month SIM cards provide the agility and control that businesses desire, empowering them to make decisions that align with their growth and operational requirements. 



By switching to Telco Broker whilst still utilising the coverage of the Optus and Telstra mobile networks, businesses can escape the frustrations associated with dealing with the major carriers and enjoy a host of benefits. Improved pricing, flexible billing options, superior customer support, and the freedom of month-to-month SIM cards offer businesses a seamless and empowering mobile experience. Say goodbye to on-hold wait times, limited billing choices, and poor customer service encounters. Embrace a mobile provider that prioritizes your business needs, delivers exceptional support, and ensures cost-effective solutions tailored to your requirements. 

If you’re ready to liberate your business from the frustrations of major carriers and unlock the advantages of better pricing, flexible billing, and superior support, contact us for a friendly discussion around your mobile services and how we can improve your experience moving forward. At Telco Broker, we understand the needs of businesses and are here to assist you. 


Telco Broker has helped hundreds of businesses throughout Australia. Locations include Sydney,Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Hobart and Darwin. Give the team at Telco Broker a call on 1300 978 073. The initial consultation is complimentary. 

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