Need Help with Multi-Site Fibre Internet Connections?

Multi-Site Fibre Internet Connections in Australia are very common, for businesses that have multiple physical sites across Australia. There could be a mix of data link types, of varying qualities and SLA’s at each and every site. The use of Cloud Services, network connectivity and backup processes, have made fast and reliable internet services more important than ever.
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Whether you have 2 or 200 sites across Australia, Internet connections have become the foundation for most communications services, data management and user applications. Outages, downtime, latency or network congestion can have a significant effect on staff productivity and company profitability.

There are numerous network topologies and internet connections available, you may have a mixed network that consists of an MPLS network, a combination of NBN, other fibre or broadband connections, or depending on your locations and service availability you could have internet connections that are due for shutdown inclusive of ADSL, ADSL2, EOC, EFM and some Cable services. Your network could be managed and monitored either internally via inhouse IT, or via an external managed services provider, it could be just a series of data links with no network management, or you could have deployed SD-WAN.

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How Telco Broker Can Help You With Reviewing Your Fibre Connections

Depending on the experience of your team, you may have any number of internet connections, managed services agreements and may not be entirely sure about the overall value that you are getting from your vendors and suppliers and what the true cost of your deployed services are over time.

If you feel like you are paying too much for your Multi-Site Fibre Internet Connections across your network, and you are not happy with the customer support or service quality you are receiving, Telco Broker can help you review all of your Internet connections at each site. We can get you quotes for each link from a range of different service providers, we can work with you to get options for each data link on your network map and compare against what you are currently paying for your data and network. We can then compare the proposed data links against the inclusions, costs, contract and SLA’s of your current agreements.

With the introduction of the NBN and general internet upgrades across Australia, access to Fibre Services and other broadband connections are becoming more readily available across the country. Value for money, service quality and support, is generally getting better across the board in terms of speeds, inclusions and price, so completing regular data reviews across your business is a sensible process regardless of your size.

Common Problems Australian Businesses Experience with Multi Site Fibre Data Networks

We come across many companies across Australia who either have:

  • No fibre access but would benefit from it
  • Not sure if fibre or NBN is available at their locations and need guidance as to which carrier to use
  • Paying too much
  • Poor support and poor SLA’s from current carrier
  • Long installation times
  • Incorrect or inaccurate billing with limited visibility of service costs
  • Limited or no back up strategy
  • Lack of visibility and understanding of their data network

Telco Broker together with our partners, have deployed a broad range of data connections of varying speeds, including fibre connections using the largest fibre carriers in Australia as well as the NBN.

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Symmetrical vs Asymmetrical Fibre Connections

A symmetrical internet connection has the same download and upload speed. Data speeds are typically measured in Megabits Per Second (Mbps) An example of this would be a 200/200 Mbps fibre internet connection, which means you get 500 Mbps download AND 500 Mbps upload speed.

Typical Symmetrical data speeds available include:

10/10, 20/20, 50/50, 100/100 200/200, 400/400 (Fibre 400) and 1000/1000 (Fibre 1000).

An asymmetrical connection doesn’t have equal download and upload speeds. For example, the majority of NBN connections are being rolled out with typical speeds of 50/20 (50 Mbps Download and 20 Mbps upload)  or 100/40 Mbps.

NBN Co has started offering symmetric speeds, with the NBN Enterprise Ethernet product which has a 1:1 contention ratio and speeds up to 1Gbps.

In the interests of redundancy, many businesses often deploy multiple internet services per site, this could be a combination of fibre, NBN and mobile (3G/4G/5G) services.

Multi Site Fibre Internet Connection Review Process

Telco Broker has carefully selected and partnered with a diverse range of telecommunications providers, who are able to deliver a broad range of Fibre Internet Connections, of various speeds and SLA’s. We are able to deliver fibre and NBN services all over Australia.

If you need assistance in making decisions regarding multi-site data network we are well placed to provide consulting, reviews and advice and deliver cost savings and upgrades, through to scoping, pricing and delivery. Our consultants can work with your team to review your network map and each data link at each site, we can document what issues you have been experiencing at each location, the quality of each link and what you are paying for data at each site.

Our customers can expect that we will do our due diligence on your behalf and we will recommend providers who have proven track records of delivering fibre and NBN services, who have established  pre-sales and post-sales customer service, account management and established processes around ongoing support.

Speed, Internet availability, uptime, strong SLA’s, risk management and redundancy are common and important factors that our customers expect from a multi site fibre data network, and rely on us and our expertise to propose the best solutions possible at the best possible price point.

If you are looking to deploy new fibre or NBN connections to your multi site fibre data network, Telco Broker can assist your team with the overseeing the implementation with the chosen vendor along with the procurement of networking hardware and equipment including routers, switches, UPS and SD-WAN. We can assist you with the setup of your routers to be configured with automatic failover for redundancy purposes.

If you need some support in making decisions and would like conduct a data network review of your  multi site fibre data network, our Telecommunications Consultants can work through the options and services that are available for your sites.

Telco Broker have helped businesses all over Australia with their Telecommunications Data Networks, we can provide fibre internet solutions in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Tasmania, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia.

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