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The team at TelcoBroker have over 10 years of experience when it comes to deliveringTelecommunications Services and the support of a broad range of telco related products and services.
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Your business could be comprised of a diverse array of Telecommunications Services and associated hardware, which should be reviewed and monitored from time to time including:

  1. Fixed line and hosted voice telephony, PBX/PABX and answering services
  2. 1300 and 1800 inbound numbers
  3. Mobile Phone and Mobile Broadband services
  4. Internet and NBN Services
  5. Audio Conferencing, Web Conferencing and Video Conferencing
  6. Telecommunications hardware including desk phones, mobiles, conferencing headsets, webcams and screens.
  7. Network infrastructure and disaster recovery equipment including UPS battery backup

The team at Telco Broker are vendor independent Telecommunications professionals, we have engaged a broad range of vendors, and conducted an independent Telecommunications supplier review on each so you don’t have to, we only work with providers that have good rates, great customer service and technical support and have a great track record in the Australian market, with a solid portfolio of clients of all sizes, we won’t necessarily work with the cheapest providers in the market, but aim for a good balance.

If you don’t have the time to look through your Telecommunications services and phone bills and go to market and do a review on all of the different Telecommunications providers and plans available on the market, Telco Broker can review your Telecommunications Services and engage a number of vendors on your behalf to get pricing for you, our role is to just present the options and then the final decision is up to you.

Once we have presented the various Telecommunications Service options to you, which could be a mix of 1300 number pricing, a hosted phone system with handsets and let’s say internet and you pick one of the vendors, we can work with you and your chosen vendor to ensure that everything gets deployed properly and you have a good experience.

If your Telecommunications Services contracts are expired or you are out of contract, why not work with Telco Broker to review all of your phone bills and agreements, we can help make the decision making process easier, ensure that you are getting the right services for your business at a good price, and then make sure that it works properly.

Telco Broker has helped businesses all over Australia with their Telecommunications Services, we have delivered telco brokerage services in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Tasmania, Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales and in regional areas.

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