Need To Cut Costs On Telecommunications?

If your business is looking at cutting costs either due to the coronavirus or because cashflow is tight due to the economy, cutting costs on your Telecommunications services is a great start and something that should be completed by businesses of all sizes regardless of whether there is a global pandemic on or not.
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Are your revenues down? Having supply chain issues? Staff Expenses eating into cashflow? Reviewing your Telecommunications Bills and expenditure could be a great opportunity to save your business money, to streamline your procurement processes and optimise your technology expenditure and get Telecommunications Expense Management under control.

If you haven’t reviewed your telecommunications contracts in the last 2 to 3 years your business could be being overcharged or you may not be getting the best price based on ever changing market rates.

Telecommunications services such as your fixed voice, hosted phone systems, internet and fibre services, mobiles and mobile broadband, also conferencing and collaboration solutions are becoming more and more price competitive as technologies change and more competitors enter the market. We can work with you to look at your services, how much you are spending and come up with some cost reduction strategies.

As cloud services and technology continues to evolve and more products and services are available, price points are also coming down, therefore it is imperative that you review Telco service agreements every two to three years to ensure that you continue to pay market rates in light of technological changes.

business internet switch
business internet switch

How Can We Help?

At Telco Broker many of our customers are able to save anywhere between 20% all the way up to 50% off their telecommunications and services. That money can be reinvested back into the business, by procuring more technology or alternatively to aid cash flow.

We routinely help businesses save hundreds and thousands of dollars per month off their telecommunications spends, in some cases we are able to save a business money whilst performing an upgrade to certain services.

We help businesses procure the best value technology for their budgets and ensuring that they are only spending what they need to. As a vendor-agnostic telecommunications broker our team are able to leverage off our 15 years of telecommunications experience to aid you in bringing down your telecommunications costs optimising your spends and saving you significant amounts of time in you doing your own market research.

Once we have understood your requirements we can go to market and get up to three proposals on your behalf from providers with excellent support structures, local account management and competitive prices.

Solutions can be structured purely based on cost reduction strategies or a trade-off between price and functionality. in the event that your business is using old and redundant technologies such as ADSL or ISDN services or if you are running an old and unsupported on premise phone system our team can present a number of options that are available at your site based on whatever budget you specify.

We can determine what internet services are available at your location from a range of different service providers by doing a service availability check, whether it’s NBN or other fibre services and then you can make a decision based on your budget. We also help business review their current internet

Our Process

Our process is quite simple we organise a quick initial consultation with you, which can be as easy as an initial phone call or web conference we will take the time to understand your requirements and what you are looking to achieve we would then like to understand how much you are currently paying for your services and what technologies you are currently procuring we would then request one or two copies of your previous telecommunications bills so we can determine what you are currently spending and then our expert team of consultants can get to work to put together a a tailored solution based on your needs.

Independent Advice

In the event that you are not looking to change providers but are looking for an independent consultant to review your expenditure and determine if you are paying market rates to enable you to negotiate with your existing provider we are able to provide telecommunications Bill analysis services and telecommunications audits we can review what services you are and aren’t using many of our clients have been spending anywhere between 5 to 10% of their monthly spends on services that are no longer being used either due to staff leaving the organisation numbers that are no longer being used or have been forgotten about

Working Remotely?

If your staff are being forced to work remotely or to work from home due to the corona virus it is possible with some configuration on your phone system parameters to set up an IVR with customised diversions based on the location of your stuff so in the event that you were to have say 5 people in accounts and they all located across the country or a different premises you could set up a hunt group which will dial one main number and then divert based on than other numbers in that Hunt group so whilst your business may be inconvenience by the coronavirus and lock Downs of your office it is still possible to be able to maintain a high level of customer service and support for your existing customers by leveraging off the capabilities of your technology

in the event that your staff are required to work from home and I’m not able to attend client or supplier meetings you should consider teleconferencing or video conferences or web meetings you can engage in client communication without having to meet face to face hey Mum yeah not bad

Cost cutting by Telecommunications Product


Internet, Data and Fibre Services Cost Reduction

  • There are many different types of internet connections available at a range of different price points. Many internet and fibre services are set and forget, plans are purchased and rolled over without much thought over many years.
  • Many businesses across Australia who are on old ADSL plans will be forced to move to the NBN at some point. Many businesses are paying for old ADSL plans that are not even used anymore and can be removed from your bill.
  • We routinely save our clients hundreds of dollars per month off their Fibre connections (ie. $2000/month connection down to $500/month, and $850/month down to $400/month)
  • We can check your internet, fibre and data bills, complete a site availability check and let you know if there are cost effective links available at your business premises.

Considerations for Cutting Costs on Analog Voice and Landline Services

Analogue voice services are being phased out over time and will be eventually disconnected and moved over to VoIP based technologies.

  • Business who migration from Analogue Voice services to VoIP typically save between 20 – 70% on landline costs (typical market rate per extension should be approximately $10 to $15 per month and not $30 to $40 per month
  • We can help you review bills to determine if there are any unused extensions that should be deleted.
  • We can help you transition your Fax over to electronic fax
  • Based on your voice usage, we can help you decide between Pay As You Go (PAYG) plans or unlimited calls, depending on volume of outbound calls you make

Phone Systems and PBX Cost Savings

In the event that you are spending too much money on your phone system there are many new phone system solutions available on the market many of which are probably significantly more feature-rich than what you currently have and at a fraction of the price of what you are currently paying.

Many modern hosted phone systems can enable your staff to work from home by being able to answer office calls via your phone system on their mobile phones and computers it is not entirely necessary to have a desk phone for your staff to answer calls meaning which staff are able to work remotely without requiring any complex diversions. Also, many hosted phone system

  • In many cases savings can be made of between 20-70% when moving PSTN and ISDN services to hosted voice or on premise phone systems, which can add up to thousands of dollars for even a small business.
  • Hosted Phone Systems will allow staff to work from home, by providing the ability for phones to be answered in the office, home office, or via mobile app or via desktop app. The lack of reliance on a physical desk phone, allows for greater staff mobility and less requirements for large and expensive office space.
  • Hosted Phone Systems are quick and easy to provision, in most cases do not require site visits and have the flexibility to not require expensive desk phones minimising upfront costs.
  • Avoid committing to long term contracts

Save Money on 1300 / 1800 / Inbound Numbers

  • If you already have a one or more 1300 or 1800 Inbound numbers, they provide great flexibility but your bills should be reviewed from time to time. We routinely provide 10 – 30% savings when we recontract these services.
  • Consider deleting unnecessary numbers
  • We can review and audit phone bills to check for unneeded and unused 1300 and 1800 numbers.
  • We can assist with the deployment of better online platforms for self management and administration of these services
  • Smart IVR for improved customer experience, combined with geo routing these system can provide better call flow management, resource allocation and allowing for easy routing of calls between a dispersed team, again saving money on expensive office infrastructure.

Conferencing services

We all know the benefits of Conferencing Technology including Audio Conferencing, Tele conferencing, video conferences and web conferences to stay connected with staff, customers and suppliers, the fact that you can reduce travel times, travel costs and the flexibility of being able to run meetings without a lot of notice due to the convenience of the technology.

  • We routinely save our clients 20 – 50% off their current teleconferencing spend, by aligning ourselves with cost competitive conferencing suppliers
  • Web Conferences and video meetings for staff and customer meetings can increase the number of effective face to face meetings per week, improving staff productivity.
  • Selecting the correct video and web conferencing technology for your business can be the difference between a cost effective services and avoiding expensive or unnecessary video conferencing setups
  • We can help reduce costs on current video conferencing services, we routinely save hundreds and thousands on web and video licences and thousands off video conferencing hardware and infrastructure.

Mobile Phones Services – Voice and Data

Mobile Phone Services are critical for any business, especially if working remotely. There is quite a bit of variability between one mobile phone contract and another, between providers and with plan inclusions. Sometimes the devil can be in the detail, if your plans have not been structured properly and your inclusions are not tailored to the needs of your business, your

  • We have been able to save our clients 10 – 30% off their mobile services spends, b
  • After completion of a mobile phone bill audit, depending on the size of the business, larger organisations can routinely see approximately 5% of services that are no longer being used, either due to staff having left or devices being lost and forgotten about. We can assist your business with deleting all unused services.
  • We can provide options from the major mobile services providers and other cost effective options on the market.
  • We can consider a split fleet, by running your mobile services across multiple service providers, based on the usage requirements and location of your staff.
  • We can help you review your international and global roaming policies and align your mobile plans accordingly
  • We can discuss the best handset/hardware strategy moving forward

If your business is looking at cutting costs on your Telecommunications Services, we can complete thorough phone bill reviews on all your telco services, end to end. We can work with you to understand what issues you are having with your Telco services, if there is anything that needs to be upgraded and improved, and we either focus on entirely your bottom line, or saving you money in some areas which can then be reinvested elsewhere.

Telco Broker have worked with businesses all over Australia to assist with Telecommunications Cost Cutting and Cost Savings Projects. If you need some assistance with Telecommunications Expense Management we can provide services in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Tasmania, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia.

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