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In the ever-evolving world of telecommunications, having access to a diverse range of products, services, and reputable brands is essential for businesses aiming to stay competitive and meet their unique communication needs. At Telco Broker, we take pride in being your trusted partner, offering a comprehensive portfolio of telecom solutions that cater to businesses of all sizes. Keep reading to explore the array of products, services, and brands we are familiar with, ensuring that businesses have access to the best-in-class offerings that align with their requirements. 
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A Multitude of Telecom Products: 

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your phone system, enhance your internet connectivity, or explore cutting-edge communication technologies, Telco Broker has you covered. Our extensive range of telecom products includes: 

Phone Systems: We offer both hosted and on-premises phone systems that empower businesses with seamless communication experiences. From traditional landlines to advanced VoIP solutions, we have the expertise to guide you towards the most suitable option. 

Internet and Data Services: Stay connected with reliable internet and data services tailored to your bandwidth and speed requirements. Our partnerships with leading providers ensure that you have access to the latest connectivity technologies. 

Contact Centre Solutions: Elevate your customer service capabilities with contact centre solutions designed to optimise customer interactions and streamline operations. 

Mobile Services: Explore flexible mobile plans, using multiple mobile network providers, including month-to-month options, technology funds and various billing options that keep your team connected and productive on the go. 

Hardware: We work with reputable hardware brands and leading Australian technology hardware distribution companies, to provide you with top-quality phones, modems, routers, switches, WiFi access points, and other essential telecom equipment. 

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A Spectrum of Services: 

Beyond hardware products, Telco Broker offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to simplify and enhance your telecom experience: 

Consulting and Brokerage: Leverage our industry expertise to make informed decisions about your telecom infrastructure. Our vendor-agnostic approach ensures that your solutions are tailored to your business goals. 

Solution Customisation: We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Our team can customise telecom solutions to align with your unique operational needs. 

Integration with Business Software: Seamlessly integrate your telecom systems with popular business software platforms, such as CRMs and office productivity tools. 

Change Management and Support: Our support doesn’t end after implementation. We assist with change management, user training, and ongoing technical support to ensure a smooth transition and continued success. 

Leading Telecom Hardware Brands Empowering Australian Businesses 

The choice of telecom hardware can significantly impact communication efficiency, collaboration, and overall operational success. At Telco Broker, we recognise the importance of reliable and innovative hardware solutions. Here, we present a high-level overview of some of the most trusted and widely used hardware brands that empower businesses across the country. 

Telco Broker is well-versed with an array of trusted brands in the telecommunications industry. While we remain vendor-independent, our familiarity with these brands allows us to make recommendations based on performance, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Some of the brands we are familiar with include: 



As a global leader in networking and communication solutions, CISCO offers a comprehensive range of hardware products. From routers and switches to IP phones and collaboration tools, CISCO’s offerings cater to businesses of all sizes and industries. 



Specialising in VoIP communication solutions, Yealink provides a variety of IP phones, video conferencing systems, and collaboration endpoints. Their products are known for their advanced features and user-friendly interfaces. 


POLY (formerly Plantronics/Polycom): 

POLY is synonymous with high-quality audio and communication devices. Their handsets, headsets, speakerphones, and conferencing solutions enhance communication clarity and effectiveness, particularly in remote and collaborative settings. 



Fanvil is a leading manufacturer of IP voice and video communication devices. Their diverse range includes IP phones, intercoms, and video door phones, offering seamless and reliable communication solutions. 



Yeastar specialises in VoIP PBX systems, gateways, and IP phones. Their hardware solutions empower businesses to streamline communication processes and enhance customer interactions. 



NEC offers a wide array of telecom hardware, including business phones, communication platforms, and unified communications solutions. Their products are designed to drive productivity and efficiency. 



A renowned electronics brand, Samsung’s telecom hardware includes IP phones, wireless communication devices, and networking solutions, contributing to streamlined business connectivity. 



Panasonic provides a range of business communication systems, including IP phones and PBX solutions. Their hardware offerings emphasise scalability and reliability. 



AVAYA is a prominent name in unified communications and contact centre solutions. Their hardware portfolio encompasses IP phones, conferencing systems, and collaboration tools. 



MITEL offers a suite of communication and collaboration hardware, including IP phones, conference phones, and contact centre solutions. Their products focus on enhancing customer experiences. 



Zoom’s hardware solutions support seamless video conferencing and collaboration experiences. From conference room systems to collaboration displays, Zoom’s offerings cater to modern business needs. 



Logitech provides a range of peripherals for communication and collaboration, including webcams, headsets, and conference cameras, contributing to enhanced virtual interactions. 



Jabra specialises in professional audio solutions, offering a variety of headsets and speakerphones designed for optimal communication clarity and convenience. 



SNOM’s IP phones and communication devices are designed to deliver high-quality voice and data communication, making them suitable for businesses seeking reliability. 



Grandstream offers an extensive range of IP phones, gateways, and conferencing solutions, catering to businesses’ diverse communication needs. 



Ericsson’s hardware offerings extend to networking, communication systems, and mobile technology. Their solutions contribute to seamless connectivity and communication experiences. 


Ubiquiti / Unify: 

Ubiquiti’s Unify brand specialises in scalable networking solutions, including wireless access points, switches, and routers. Their hardware is designed to create robust and secure networks. 



TP-Link is a well-recognised name in networking hardware. Their range includes routers, switches, and access points that cater to businesses’ connectivity and communication needs. 



Netcomm offers a variety of communication hardware solutions, including routers and networking devices, contributing to reliable and efficient connectivity. 



Billion’s hardware products encompass routers, modems, and networking solutions that enable businesses to establish and maintain strong communication links. 



Tenda specialises in networking hardware, providing a range of routers and access points known for their ease of use and affordability. 



Teltonika’s hardware offerings focus on IoT connectivity and communication solutions. Their devices cater to businesses seeking reliable and secure connectivity. 



Meraki, a Cisco brand, offers cloud-managed networking hardware. Their solutions provide businesses with centralised control and visibility over their communication infrastructure. 



Sophos offers cybersecurity and networking solutions, including firewalls and access points. Their hardware helps businesses protect their communication networks from threats. 



Netgear’s extensive hardware portfolio includes routers, switches, and networking devices designed to enhance connectivity and communication efficiency. 



D-Link’s hardware solutions span networking, connectivity, and surveillance. Their products cater to businesses seeking reliable communication and data transfer. 



IP-Com specialises in wireless networking solutions, offering access points and switches that contribute to seamless and high-performance communication networks. 


HP (Hewlett-Packard): 

HP provides a wide range of hardware, including networking devices, printers, and computers, contributing to comprehensive communication and IT infrastructure. 


At Telco Broker, our familiarity with these reputable hardware brands enables us to guide businesses in selecting the right solutions to enhance their communication and connectivity. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your networking equipment, deploy robust security measures, or streamline collaboration tools, our expertise ensures that you make informed decisions that align with your business goals. Contact us today to explore the full spectrum of hardware options and discover how we can empower your business with cutting-edge communication solutions. 

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Telecom Providers in Australia 

A diverse range of options exists to cater to businesses’ communication needs. These providers offer a spectrum of services, from internet connectivity to voice solutions and collaboration tools. Let’s delve into a high-level overview of some of the prominent telecom providers that play a pivotal role in empowering Australian businesses: 

NBN (National Broadband Network): 

NBN is Australia’s government-owned broadband network. It provides high-speed internet access to homes and businesses across the country, enabling reliable connectivity for various communication needs. 



Telstra is a leading telecommunications and technology company, offering a comprehensive suite of services, including mobile, internet, and enterprise solutions. Their extensive network coverage makes them a prominent choice for businesses seeking reliable connectivity. 



Optus is a major player in the Australian telecommunications market, providing mobile, broadband, and entertainment services. Their offerings cater to businesses seeking diverse communication solutions. 



Vodafone delivers mobile and internet services with a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction. Their solutions offer businesses flexible connectivity options. 



These brands, now under the TPG Telecom umbrella, provide internet and communication services to residential and business customers, focusing on cost-effective and reliable solutions. 



GoTo offers a range of communication and collaboration tools, including video conferencing, webinars, and remote work solutions, empowering businesses to connect and collaborate seamlessly. 



8×8 specialises in cloud-based communication and contact centre solutions. Their services encompass voice, video, messaging, and analytics, enhancing businesses’ communication capabilities. 



RingCentral provides cloud communication and collaboration solutions, including VoIP, video conferencing, and team messaging, contributing to unified and efficient communication. 



Dialpad offers modern business communication solutions, including cloud-based phone systems, video conferencing, and AI-powered features for enhanced productivity. 



Vonage provides VoIP and cloud communication services tailored to businesses’ needs, offering reliable voice solutions and advanced communication features. 



Zoom’s video conferencing platform has become integral to modern business communication, enabling seamless virtual meetings and collaborations. 


Eclipse UC: 

Eclipse UC specialises in unified communications, offering integrated voice, video, and messaging solutions for businesses aiming to enhance their communication infrastructure. 



Vocus delivers business-grade internet and network solutions, focusing on connectivity and performance to support businesses’ communication needs. 



Superloop provides high-speed internet and connectivity services, catering to businesses seeking reliable and robust communication solutions. 


Aussie Broadband: 

Aussie Broadband offers internet and communication services with a focus on customer support and personalised solutions. 


Next Telecom: 

Next Telecom specialises in business telecommunication services, providing voice, data, and cloud solutions to support seamless communication. 



NexGen offers innovative communication and collaboration solutions, including cloud-based phone systems and contact centre services. 


Business Telecom: 

Business Telecom delivers tailored communication solutions, including VoIP and unified communications, to optimise businesses’ communication strategies. 



EasyTel provides flexible VoIP and communication solutions, empowering businesses with cost-effective and customisable options. 



3CX offers software-based PBX solutions, enabling businesses to establish advanced phone systems and communication features. 



Buroserv offers a range of telecommunications and technology solutions, including unified communications and managed services, tailored to businesses seeking comprehensive communication strategies. 


Macquarie Telecom: 

Macquarie Telecom specialises in data centre, cloud, and telecommunications services, providing businesses with secure and reliable communication and IT infrastructure. 



NTT is a global technology services provider with a strong presence in Australia. They offer a wide range of communication and IT solutions, including networking, cloud, and cybersecurity services. 



BT is a leading global communications provider offering a variety of services, including networking, cloud, and collaboration solutions, to support businesses’ communication needs. 



BlueJeans, a Verizon company, offers video conferencing and collaboration solutions, enabling businesses to connect and collaborate seamlessly across different locations. 



Exetel provides internet, voice, and cloud services, focusing on affordability and performance to cater to businesses’ communication and connectivity requirements. 



Commander delivers business communication solutions, including phone systems and internet services, tailored to small and medium-sized enterprises. 



iPrimus offers broadband, phone, and entertainment services, providing businesses with reliable connectivity and communication options. 



MondoTalk specialises in VoIP and SIP trunking services, contributing to businesses’ cost-effective and efficient communication solutions. 



Genesys provides customer experience and contact centre solutions, enabling businesses to deliver exceptional customer interactions and support. 


Microsoft Teams Calling: 

Microsoft Teams Calling integrates voice communication into the Microsoft Teams platform, offering businesses a unified solution for messaging, meetings, and calling. 



CC4Teams is a contact centre solution designed to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, enhancing businesses’ customer support and engagement capabilities. 



Webex, by Cisco, offers video conferencing, online meetings, and team collaboration tools, enabling businesses to connect and collaborate virtually. 


Operator Connect: 

Operator Connect is a Microsoft service that facilitates direct connectivity between businesses and telecom providers, streamlining communication solutions. 


Call Cabinet: 

Call Cabinet provides call recording and analytics solutions for businesses, ensuring compliance and optimising communication data. 



Ribbon offers real-time communications and security solutions, including cloud communications and session border controllers. 



Clobba delivers cloud communication solutions, including hosted phone systems and collaboration tools, tailored to businesses’ needs. 


Channel UC: 

Channel UC specialises in unified communications and collaboration solutions, offering businesses comprehensive communication platforms. 


Roger 365: 

Roger 365 offers solutions to enhance Microsoft Dynamics 365, including telephony integration and call centre features. 


Red Cactus: 

Red Cactus provides communication and collaboration solutions, focusing on flexible and scalable options for businesses. 


Analytics 365: 

Analytics 365 offers data analytics solutions, allowing businesses to gain insights from communication and customer interaction data. 


These providers contribute to the rich landscape of telecom solutions available to Australian businesses. At Telco Broker, we leverage our industry knowledge and vendor relationships to assist businesses in selecting the right telecom providers and services that align with their communication goals. Contact us to explore the diverse range of options and discover how we can optimise your business’s communication and collaboration infrastructure. 

Services and Technologies 

Various services and technologies play a crucial role in shaping modern communication and connectivity solutions for businesses: 


Internet Access Services: 

NBN: Australia’s National Broadband Network provides high-speed internet access across the country, enabling fast and reliable connectivity. 

Fibre: Fibre-optic connections deliver high-speed data transmission, supporting businesses’ data-intensive operations. 

Mobile SIM: Mobile SIM cards provide wireless internet access, enabling connectivity on smartphones, tablets, modems, M2M, and other SIM-enabled devices. 

Fixed Point Wireless: Fixed wireless solutions offer reliable internet connectivity in areas where traditional wired options might be challenging. 

Satellite: Satellite internet provides coverage in remote or rural areas where other forms of connectivity may not be available. 

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol): 

VoIP technology enables voice communication over the internet, offering cost-effective and flexible phone services. 


Phone Systems / Unified Communication (UCaaS): 

Cloud / Hosted PBX: Cloud-based phone systems offer scalability and advanced features without the need for on-site hardware. 

Contact Centre: Contact centre solutions streamline customer interactions, enhancing support and engagement. 


Mobile and Data SIMs: 

GSM/4G/5G: Mobile SIM cards with 4G/5G technology provide high-speed data connectivity for mobile devices and IoT applications. 


Analytics and AI: 

Analytics: Data analytics solutions provide insights into communication patterns and customer interactions. 

AI (Artificial Intelligence): AI-powered tools enhance communication efficiency and enable automation in customer support and interactions. 



Integrating communication tools with business software, such as CRM systems, enhances productivity and streamlines workflows. 


Inbound Numbers: 

Inbound numbers, such as toll-free or local numbers, facilitate customer communication and improve accessibility. 


Fixed and WiFi Networking: 

WiFi solutions offer wireless internet connectivity for employees and guests, supporting mobility and productivity. 


The services and technologies above form the foundation of modern communication strategies, empowering businesses to connect, collaborate, and engage with customers effectively. At Telco Broker, we leverage our expertise to guide businesses in selecting the right services and technologies that align with their communication goals. Contact us to explore the full spectrum of options and discover how we can enhance your business’s communication and connectivity infrastructure. 

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